Thursday, December 11, 2008

No HABS No Campaign !!

This is Brilliant ! Started by the good people at the Sens Army Blog, it's a campaign to reward players who beat the Habs. I'm sure you're as sick and tired as I am of the stupid Montreal fans cockyness lately. Where was all this 2 years ago? Where was this a few seasons ago when the team was for sale and no one wanted to buy them? When they couldn't even sell out their rink? Now they act like the best fans of all time, chanting that stupid soccer song (ole ole ole).

Well it's about time someone put them in their place and that someone is my good friends at Sens Army. They send a letter and one dollar in whatever currency the player is from to them, congratulating them on the winning goal and taking points away from the Habs. This is one of the best things to happen in awhile.

For a sample letter, click here. As you can imagine, it's getting some solid attention, even being featured on yahoo sports and several radio stations across the country. Seems everyone hates the Habs like we do, almost as much as people hate the Leafs. I gotta say, it's a beautiful thing. Something to cheer you up through the awful weather and the transit strike. Call it an early Christmas present. Props to those guys who started, very well played.

To view previous No Habs No enteries click here. To join the facebook group click here.

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