Monday, August 31, 2009

Conference Call Re-Cap

As you may or may have not known, the Senators had a Season Ticket holder conference call today that allowed ticket holders to ask questions to Bryan Murray, Pascal Leclaire, Eugene Melnyk and Cyril Leeder. As you can imagine it was pretty boring but if you missed it, here is the summary of what happened in the 50 minutes they were there.

-They have looked at a new scoreboard but apparently it's not that high on the fans' list of improvements they want, so theyre looking at it but will be in 2 or 3 years away still. (Smells fishy to me, our scoreboard sucks and everyone I know who has tickets or goes to games finds it subpar too. Then again there's no accoutning for taste and we all know the main reason 1000's go to the games, Tim Hortons)

-Pascal Leclaire is 100% healthy and stoked to get the season underway. Had lots of fans in MTL wishing him well etc, being recognized here more, loves it and cant wait to play the first game. Said the Sens are becoming more popular in MTL.

-Murray says he loves Volchenkov and what he brings to the team. They're on the same page and expects to bring him back (you can all breathe again A-Train fanatics)

-They're trying to come up with a better way to get people out of the parking lot faster after the games. They have hired more cops Cyril said which should help. ( ya that or they could have designed it better or maybe brought in someone who specializes in trafiic flow)

-Sens prized prospect Erik Karlsson has already been in Ottawa for 3 weeks training. He has added muscle, going from 158lbs to 172lbs, which is promising but he's still small imo. Murray said he will be given EVERY chance to make the team. When the question came up of if he doesn't make the team what happens, does he stay in North America in Bingo or go back to Sweden, Murray said we have talked to his agent and we've all agree it will me the Sens call. If he's close they will send him to Bingo and call him up and if he just chokes at camp and looks out of place, they will send him back to Sweden. (if I had to guess, I'd say Murray has him penciled into the big club on opening day and it's his chance to blow)

-The Sens apparently tried to host the NHL awards in 2005 and would be interested in hosting them once the 3 year deal in Vegas expires. More importantly they are after an All Star Game and expect to have one in the next few years

-Murray thinks the AHL team has a lot of talent this year and expects 4 or 5 guys to play a role on the Sens at times this year. Sounded to me he thought a couple might make the team and if players go down in the year, he feels we have very compitent replacements in Bingo.

-Leclaire said he changed his number from 31 to 33 for a new team and a new start and he went with 33 because he wore it in minor hockey because his idol was Patrick Roy

At least training camp is around the corner and hockey will be back very soon.

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