Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 New Faces: Your 2009-10 Ottawa Senators

Well the final cuts have been made and the only semi surprise (which wasn't that big of a surprise), was that Brian Lee was sent down to Binghamton instead of Picard. This was done because Lee is still on his rookie deal, which is a 2 way deal, instead of having to pay Picard's full NHL salary in the AHL. Perhaps Murray will try to trade or get rid of Picard in the near future to bring Lee back up.

So what does this all mean? It means that scarppy Winchester native, Matt Carkner has made the team, along with Peter Regin and everyone's favorite overrated rookie, Erik Karlsson. I think Karlsson will be decent, I'm just not sipping the future all star kool aid yet. With that in mind, look for our pairings to look like this on opening night. Phillips-Volchenkov, Kuba-Karlsson, Campoli-Karkner, with Picard watching from the press box.

No forwards were cut today, so our team up front will be Spezza, Alfie, Michalek, Kovalev, Regin, Fisher, Foligno, Shannon, Cheechoo, Kelly, Neil, Ruutu, Winchester and Donovan. We aren't 100% sure of what the lines will be yet but if I had to guess I'd say:


With Donovan and Winchester the odd men out to start the year. Of course things can change in a hurry with poor play or injuries.

Goaltending will be handled by 2 very capable guys. Look for Leclaire to play 55-60 games and Elliott to play the rest. Our season rests on Leclaire's shoulders. I just ran into Pascal at the grocery store about 20 mins ago and he said he was feeling great, 110% healthy and can't wait to play Saturday night. That's good enough for me.

So here you have it, your 2009-10 Ottawa Senators. What do you think?


Rob R. said...

What I'm feeling right now goes WAY beyond mere excitement.

On paper, we are looking at a playoff team all geared up for a deep run.

Of course, good teams on paper don't always equal playoff success. See the 2008/2009 version of the Ottawa Senators for proof of that.

That said, I think Karlsson will make a big impact on our PP this year, and should put up some points. Kovalev, Cheechoo and Michalek all have something to prove to their former teams and doubters. Not to mention the fact that the rest of the Sens should come out flying this year, with a giant chip on their shoulder and a taste for blood in their mouths.

If nothing else, this should be an exciting team to watch this season, which is a nice change from 07/08 and 2/3 of 08/09, when they were mired in a d-first system that did not allow the goal scorers to really shine.


hambown said...

I feel well about this. Lee doesn't have to pass through waivers to move from Ottawa to Bingo & the reverse, and should clearly be the first called up if an injury occurs. Sorry Schubs.

The Senators are arguably the most improved Canadian team (both Vancouver and Calgary are significantly better, MTL and TOR who knows), and maybe the most improved team in the Eastern conference (though Philly is much improved as well). I expect the team to finish in 6th or 7th place in the East.

Anonymous said...

personally im very optimistic, as I feel we're coming into the season underated by everyone. btw, which grocery store was it?

eli said...

Like the motto for selling real estate; location, location, location, the motto for hockey success is goaltending, goaltending, goaltending.

Leclaire seems a little too normal, other than his injury woes. Perhaps he likes the Rocky Horror Show or sptittng on sidewalks. Who knows? But if he stays healthy, I think a playoff spot is very likely.

The Mayor said...

It was Farm Boy, he may be the nicest guy Ive ever seen, so friendly to everyone.....im starting to get on board the leclaire train

Sacul said...

Can we confirm if they'll play "Hang on Snoopy" (Leclaire's nickname) at SBP when he makes a big save?

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