Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Complaints & Grievances II: Free Pizza

I was never into the free pizza slice each ticket holder got for scoring X amount of goals. Most likely because I like to collect my ticket stubs and it just wasn't worth it to me to give it up for a crappy slice of cardboard, even if that garlic sauce is orgasmic. But there's something that always bothered me about it.

First of all they raised the goals needed from 5 to 6, because let's face it, Heatley-Spezza-Alfie got the nickname of pizza line for a reason. I thought it was kinda lame of them to change it but so be it, it is a business after all.

But the last few years, they decided to make another change and this one I just can't get on board with. Now it's six goals AND a win. Really Pizza Pizza? How cheap is that. What are the odds of us getting 6 goals in a game at home AND losing. I tried to find out if it had ever even happened in our history, without success. But I can't even remember us dropping a six spot and losing even in the Civic Centre days. If it has indeed happened, it's happened maybe once or twice in 16 years so far. So basically they are too cheap to give out a few extra slices once every 15 years or so. Come on Pizza Pizza, step your game up. You're acting bush.


Nichols said...

Game 1 of the 2005-2006 Playoffs against Buffalo. Ottawa lost 7-6.

Anonymous said...

I kinda remember Ottawa losing 8 to 6 against the Capitals last year..or the year before that?

Anonymous said...

It's always been "and a win..."

Oman said...

I was at the 8-6 loss to the Capitals. Insane game: Ovechkin got 4, Semin had 3 I believe and Fisher had a hat trick too. I can't remember getting free pizza though... It is very possible that I missed the announcement, but I also kept the stubs, so F U Pizza Pizza!