Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cowen & Michalek To Debut In MTL, No Kovie

In a somewhat surpirsing move, the Sens 2009 1st round pick Jared Cowen will make his debut in Montreal tomorrow night at the Bell Centre. Also seeing his first action for the sens will be newly acquired Milan Michalek. For all the Habs fans wanting to see Kovalev, sorry, he won't be playing on Friday. To see the full lineup click here

I can't wait to see what this kid has got, I think we got ourselves a good one. I see him as a much better prospect than Karlsson, despite everyone gushing on him all the time. I'm curious to see if Michalek's as fast and skilled as everyone is making him out to be. Either way should be interesting to check out.

The Sens also cut 6 more players today, no one surprising. To see the list click here

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Canucnik said...

Spelled Kovie as you and was corrected by a Habs fan to KOVY.

Lets change it to the Ottawa version...KOVIE!