Saturday, September 05, 2009

Extra Long, Long Weekend Edition Of the Links

Happy long weekend everyone. My present to you is an extra long edition of the links. It's still a lot of Heatley talk unfortunately but getting more and more actual hockey talk too with the season approaching. Celebrate Labor Day by not doing any. Cheers
-The Mayor is preveiwng every team in the league in a series called 30 in 30. So what did they have to say about the Sens upcoming season, to find out click here

-I'm sure by now you all know about Kovalev making those comments in Montreal that were taken WAY too seriously. I didn't bother making a post about it at the time as I thought what he said was fine. Would you be mad if Alfie said the same thing if he changed teams? Or would you be loving up his loyalty? That's what I thought. In case you wanted to see for yourself, click here and here

-Jacques Demers is a Senator? Unbelievable but true. Let's hope there isn't too much reading involved. To see click here

-Twitter is the new fad of the moment and everyone is using it, including sports organizations. I'm not 100% sure how it works still yet but to follow the Binghamton Senators you can click here and don't forget to follow SensTown too while you're at it.

-While not exactly hockey related, I still found it to be pretty funny and thought you'd enjoy. To read click here

-It seems the good people of Calgary gave #15 a taste of what he can expect if he makes it back here. To read about the treatmeant the Calgarians gave Dany click here

-Is Heatley to the big apple still a possibility? Who knows but one blogger seems to think it has some legs. To read it click here

-Small update on how the Foligno family is doing this summer after the death of Nick's mother. To read click here

-Nice little feature on the merits of eating healthy and training for the NHL, featuring none other then Sens prospect Jared Cowen. To see it click here

-The question most teams are asking themselves Dany Heatley worth the risk? This piece breaks it down, to read click here

-Despite declaring his affections for Montreal, the Citizen says maybe he'd like us if he got to know us better. To read it click here

-The Battle of Ontario will be renewed this year and some people still think the leafs have no hope and I have to agree, to read it click here

-Happy anniversary to Filip Kuba and Alexandre Picard, who joined the Sens a year ago this week. To view click here

-Bad luck for former 67 and Sens 6th round draft pick Corey Cowing who was hurt this week. To read about the extent of his injuries click here really goes out on a limb here by saying the Sens don't want Heatley back in camp, incredible insight guys. To see their view click here came up with the key questions for each team going into the season, to find out what Ottawa's are click here

-Lost in the whole Heatley mele was how some of the players rumored to be involved in the deal may have felt. To see how Andrew Cogliano felt click here

-Excellent retro article from the vault of SI about Heatley and his first year with the Sens. My how things change. To read click here

-The Sens made a minor deal yesterday, bringing Ottawa native Jason Bailey back to his hometown club. To see the deal click here

-Another power ranking and another disappointing number for the Sens, to see where they were ranked click here

-Dany Heatley to the Chicago Blackhawks? One person says it's a very real possibility as of today. To read it click here

-Excited to see a Sens game in person? So am I. Well the ticket packages and single game tickets go on sale Sept 12th, to see the details click here

-Everyone had been waiting for Alfie to speak out on the whole Heatley situation and he finally has. Surprisingly, he actually has some harsh words for the former 50 goal man and says it would be better for everyone if he was gone before training camp. That ladies and gentlemen is about as bad a comment as you will get from one player to another. To see what Alfie has to say click here

-Would the team accept Dany Heatley back? It seems they might but with certain conditions. To read what that might entail click here

-And finally, it appears when it comes to fashion, the hockey news doesn't care much for the Senators. They ranked out jerseys 2nd worst in the NHL and now have ranked the Binghamton jerseys dead last in the AHL. I don't think ours are the best by any means but definietly not as bas as THN makes them out to be. To see Bingo in dead last click here

-Last but not least, I will be doing a mailbag to answer all your questions and I will have a post with all the answers in a week or so. Feel free to ask me anything you'd like from Sens questions to hockey questions to movies to pop culture. Time to have a little fun around here.

Thanks for reading, any thoughts on the links? Let me know


Canucnik said...

Enjoyed the review...ya gotta do something about the rankings...our team and our uni are better than these Toronto opinions...the guys from THN gotta get out more!

Canucnik said...

And another thing...Dany is back to 30% favorability with the bloggers and we are season 'n package holders but we do not reflect the Senator's ticket buying public over all!

Thought for the day..."Ya can never go wrong attacking Toronto!"

The Mayor said...

..."Ya can never go wrong attacking Toronto!"

Couldnt agree more but i would also throw MTL in the mix as well