Monday, September 07, 2009

First Win Of The Year

Ok ok, so it was just pre-season. Ok ok, so it was a pre-season rookie tournament game but a W is a W. Sorry to sound like a roid case all jacked up but I can't wait for the season to start. The Sens rookies quadroupled up on the Pens rookies tonight in Kitchener, 4 to 1. No big deal. They're only the Stanley Cup champions (rookies). Ok I'm pushing it but still nice to see a nice win to start off the campaign.

I watched the game and we dominated the Pens. Didn't even look like they were in the same league. They were severly overmatched. Super prospect Erik Karlsson stood up, scoring the Sens' 3rd goal and controlling the offensive blueline all night. He looked sharp and ready to make a push for the big team.

Player of the game was definitely Sens goaltender Robin Lehner. This kid and I do mean kid (he turned 18 on July 24th) was dominating, en route to the nice 40 save performance and the win. With his size, 6'3 and 220lbs, he looks to be a force for us in the future. Thanks again Antoine Vermette, you're the gift that keeps on giving (we acquired Lehner with the 46th overall pick we recieved in the Vermette trade fyi). Lehner will be playing in the OHL for the Soo Greyhounds this year, so we will be able to check up on him all season.

Excellent start to the season. Saturday can't come soon enough for me. What about you?

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