Friday, September 18, 2009

GDP: Pre-Seaon Game #3 Contre MTL

The Sens are in la belle province ce soir for their 3rd pre-season game, hoping to get their 1st win. The big news of course is that as I told you yesterday, 2009 1st rounder Jared Cowen will be making his debut, seemingly out of nowhere. Because of his injury, he wasn't really expected to play any pre-season games. So we get to see what the kid's got. I'm excited, I think he's a stud. We also can look forward to the debut of Milan Michalek tonight as well. Interesting to see how he fits into the lineup and what he will bring to the table as well.

In net, Pascal Leclaire gets the call again in his hometown and will share the duties with super rookie Robin Lehner again. Are we ever going to see Leclaire play in Ottawa? With another game here tomorrow night against the Habs, I can't see him playing back to back. Oh well, regular season is fast approaching right. The game is on at 7:30pm on TV on RDS and on the radio on the Team 1200.

I predict a Sens 4-3 win. What do you guys think?


eli said...

Love the pic. It'll be interesting to see Cowen make his debut tonight against the Montreal smurfs. Glad Kovy not dressed as would be too much of a distraction for a preseason game. Can't wait until tonight.

BR said...

Should be a good game. Looking forward to seeing MM and Cowen.

Our forwards better get something in the net...

Grrrreg said...

Hey, I know this post is really old, but I'm the original author of that picture. I made the photoshop myself, and posted it on my blog more than 4 months before you did.

I don't really care that you didn't credit me for the picture, but adding your blog name on it to take credit yourself is definitely not ok.

The Mayor said...

i didnt say i made it, i clearly wouldnt make anything habs related. If you look closely i do that on all pictures and no where do i claim that i took/made/own any of it.

I'll be happy to credit you, congratulations on your masterpiece.

Grrrreg said...

No need to be sarcastic. I know it's hardly a masterpiece, and I don't ask to be credited.

I've seen you've also done this on the rest of the pics you post, but that's precisely the issue. Maybe you should stop putting your name on the work of others. In my opinion, even if there's no malicious intent on your part (as you explained), it's just giving a false impression to your reader.

As far as this pic is concerned, that's clearly not a big deal. It's just the first time something like that happens to something I posted. I won't bug you with this any longer.

Cheers! :)