Tuesday, September 15, 2009

GDP: Pre-Season Game #1- "Sens" V Panthers

Yes it's finally here, game 1 of the pre-season. I'm way too excited about a game that means nothing, in a small city I've never been to, but a GDP is a GDP preview and I'm excited to have one wto write about.

The reason I have "Sens" V Panthers is because the lineup is hardly the Ottawa Senators team were used to. As per usual, when an NHL team plays in a random city, they rarely have anyone of consequence playing, due to a rule where they can only play a few pre-season games each. Which means of course they save their stars for the home crowd, which makes financial sense, thought I do feel a bit bad for my Hailfax readers going to the game. To see the full lineup click here

The only regulars playing are Neil, Ruutu, Kelly, Shannon, Lee, Schubet, Campoli, Picard, Bass and Donovan. Luckily though, you WILL get to see the first ever action of prospect Erik Karlsson and the debut of new #1 Pacal Leclaire (starting & playing the first 2 periods, as he was a Halifax Moosehead).

So yes, that means that Spezza, Alfie, Fisher, Kovalev, Cheechoo, Phillips, Folingo, Kuba and Volchenkov will all NOT be playing and instead will be playing at SBP tomorrow in the return matchup V Florida.

Not much to preview or analyze at the moment, more just spewing out facts about who is and who isn't playing. This won't be a real test or way to gauge our team since very few impact players are particiapting. It's more of a reward for Halifax. Still nice to know the season is getting underway and there will be a game at SBP tomorrow.

The game is on at 6pm local Ottawa time but there is NO TV. I imaging the Team 1200 will carry the play by play for radio so check it out there if you need your fix.

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