Friday, September 11, 2009

Golf Tournament - Dany Heatley + Rookie Highlights & 9/11

Man what a weird night it has been. First Heatley was traded, then he wasn't, now he won't be attending the annual chairty golf tournament tomorrow in Kanata. Man it never ends does it? Anyways, all the other players will be there so let's focus on the people who will be there and the great cause that it's benefitting. To learn more about it click here

Also, today is the 8th anniversary of 9/11, and I don't wanna get preachy or too off topic, this is a Sens site, not a political one, but 2 members of the LA Kings organization were killed on that day. Their names were Ace Bailey and Mark Bavis. The Kings have a fund set up, so if you have any spare cash, it's for a great cause. To see what it's about click here

And finally, just a quick update on our rookies. They played the Leafs rookies last night and beat them up pretty bad, earning a 7-1 victory. Ah just like old times. Some things never change. To see the highlights click here

Just another quick reminder to everyone that prob missed it with all the Heatley talk last night, but Sens Town can now be seen at too, easier to remember for everyone. Spread the word, we're going like crazy thanks you you loyal readers. Thanks for reading. Let's see what happens next.

-The Mayor


G said...

Sens TV has video from today's golf tourney online:

Steve Devis said...
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Steve Devis said...

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