Thursday, September 03, 2009

Havlat Outs FisherWood

We all know they're a couple, although there's never been a picture of them together, but finally it's offcial and the source is unexpected. Former Sen Martin Havlat outed them on his Twitter account. Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood are an item says Havlat. Well done by Marty to be the one to break/confirm the news. Does that mean hockey reporters are becoming obsolete? Since hockey players are now doing their job for them. I always was and continue to be a fan of his. Best of luck in Minny Marty, except when you play us.

Still waiting on Carrie to wear a Sens jersey this year. Don't let us down.


xoDramaQueen said...

First picture of Mike and Carrie:

The Mayor said...

Good lookin out, even though not a great picture, good find by you

xoDramaQueen said...

thankyou thankyou :)