Thursday, September 10, 2009

Heatley In A 3way?

According to the Ottawa Sun, a last minute trade of Dany Heatley may happen after all. The summer's most drawn out soap opera might actually end without Dany having to come back to the Sens.

The deal is reportedly a 3 way trade with San Jose and Los Angeles also involved. The deal would see Heatley end up with the Sharks, Patrick Marleau end up in LA, with Alexander Frolov and Jarret Stoll ending up with Ottawa. Stoll would be a valuable addition to the club because of his past relationship with Rachel Hunter that ended rather infamously last year. He could continue our HockeyWood thing we've got going on with Campoli, Fisher and Comrie's ladies, if he he comes back (long shot).

Murray has said that a deal still isn't close but maybe he is just keeping his hand close to himself. Does BM have an ace up his sleeve to finally end this? Time will tell but it is an interesting development at least.

The trade talk has really picked up the last 2 days. I've heard at least 6 or 7 rumored deals, with a new one seemignly coming up every few hours. Despite what he says, it seems Murray indeed is trying to avoid the circus after all. Lucky for us, we all have ringside seats.

What do you guys think, will this trade go down? Or will Heatley be forced to face the music on Friday?

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eli said...

I would love to see Heatley traded but not until Sunday. That way Boo Boo Garrioch, attack dog Brennan, and Earl McRae can have one last shot at him.

I don’t see the deal happeninging the way Boo Boo describes. It doesn’t fill the need for a defenseman, and Murray has said he wants a North American player to be a centerpiece in the deal, not a Russian who becomes a UFA next year. With a litttle tweaking, we should be good to go.