Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heatley Picture Removed

The Sens, who normally move at a snail's pace, quickly removed Heatley's face from the main entrance at SBP yesterday. This goes to show me how sick the city is of seeing his ugly mug and that the organization felt much stronger about it then they let on publicly and who could blame them.

So who should replace him at the entrance? Currently it's Alfie, Phillips, Spezza, Fisher and now one spot has opened up on the mount rushmore of Senator Land. My vote would be for this kid or Kovalev, Volchenkov or Leclaire. (I wanted to say my boy Foligno but not yet)

What say you readers?


whereisian said...

Volchenkov, hands down.

Anonymous said...

Karlsson hahaha

leclaire wouldnt be a bad idea.. bet it is kovalev though he is all over the site.

Anonymous said...

It'll be Kovalev.

In “Behind the Scenes with Alex Kovalev” (July 21 on Sens TV) there's footage of the photo shoot for the new Kovalev banner for the outside of SBP.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling it will be Leclaire. He loves it here. He is the "guy", and the Sens have already started promoting him.


BR said...

Should be A-train, but I suspect it'll be Kovie. Unless Pascal is on a long-term contract (can't remember how long it is).