Saturday, September 12, 2009

Heatley Is A Shark

Well it's over. TSN is reporting that he has been traded to the San Jose Sharks for Milan Michalek, Jonathan Cheechoo (who make 7.3million combined btw) and a 2nd round pick. I'm not happy with the deal at all. To see the link click here

I would rather have kept him then get what he got back. I'm very unimpressed but obviously they decided to just get rid of him for whatever they could get. If that was the case I would have at least wanted salary cap space. I think this is a fail for Murray.What do you guys think?

BTW, for those of you wondering when he comes to SBP this year so you can boo him to no end, you're out of luck. The Sharks do not play in Ottawa this year.


Anonymous said...

i like the sharp, sopel and a first more than this!

Anonymous said...

He came to camp pouting .. had a conversation with Phillips and Alfie .. they had to do it I think to have a clean start of the season .

The Mayor said...

I agree that he couldnt really come back but Im not a fan of taking TWO forwards when we already have way too many.

We could have used a defenceman way more or at least cap space, plus a 1st over a 2nd.

Deal isnt horrible considering the circumstances but i would have preffered the oiler deal to this one personally.

Here's hoping Cheechoo gets dealt soon? I hear it's a possibility