Saturday, September 12, 2009

Heatley To Be Let Off The Hook......Maybe

Update@ 2:22pm-The proposed deal now appears to be a 3 way, with Marleau to Chicago, Heatley to San Jose, with Patrick Sharp, Brent Sopel and a 1st round pick to Ottawa. What do you think? I'm not so into that deal personally. I'd rather keep him for that package.

-According to the Ottawa Sun, disgruntled player Dany Heatley will get his wish at somepoint today and be traded, thus avoiding having to deal with all the fans and media. The trade could be done at any point within the next few hours, according to the report. The frontrunners seem to be San Jose and Chicago, with a possible 3 way deal involving those 2 squads as well. I will update when news breaks, stay tuned. Then again with the Heatley situation, nothing ever is what it appears.

I personally would hope for Chicago, since they have more pieces I'd like to get back compared to San Jose. What do you guys think?

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