Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here We Go Again: Zubov Wants To Be Traded

Unhappy with being sent down to the AHL again, Sens prospect Ilya Zubov has asked to be traded from the club. At the media day earlier today in Binghamton, he voiced his displeasure with being back in the minors. "I’m not pretty happy about it. It’s not what I want,” Zubov continues. “Both me and the Ottawa team (talked) that I might get traded soon.”

So there you have it, here we go again, of course on a much smaller signifance scale this time. But another player wants out. I always liked Zubov as a prospect and thought he had quite a bit of potential, but never really got a legit shot to play in the NHL.

My only real problem is since when do minor leaguers who can't make average NHL teams, call the shots of what they want? I say sit him or wait for the deal you want. You don't give in to an AHL'ers demands. Zubov needs hockey more then hockey needs Zubov, and this is coming from someone who actually thinks he's a decent player.

It's time to be strong for once and do what we want, not what THEY want. Heatley was one thing but this is ridiculous. Time to put our foot down. Sorry Ilya but we'll get around to making you happy if we have time and if it benefits us.

So readers, what do you think of the latest trade demand?


Trnks said...

i chalk up those comments to a 'lost in translation' situation.

Oman said...

First of all, Zubov failed to make a good impression in training camp. He's had lots of chances. Secondly, there's nothing wrong with asking for a trade if it's not working. It's very common in professional sports. The negative impact comes when high profile players make public demands, use no trade clauses to makes more complicated, and base their request on selfish, bullshit explanations. This is apples and oranges.

Trnks said...

check out silver sens' "silver nuggets" for today...
was i right or what?!?!