Saturday, September 12, 2009

''I want to thank everyone in Ottawa, the organization, the fans, and the city." -Dany Heatley

Really Dany? Then why'd you want to leave so bad? You can't even leave the team without being a scumbag.

He went on to say "I don't think I did anything wrong asking for a trade. I have my reasons for it. If people think differently of me that's fine but I believe I did nothing wrong and I'm happy to move on.''

Ya you did NOTHING wrong. That's why no one in the NHL wanted you despite you being a mulitple 50 goal man and why EVERYONE is against you. I mean honestly, think about it. Have you really heard anyone take his side? That's what I thought.

Sens Army wishes you no success in the future Dany. You tainted your legacy forever and will now always be known as a selfish, lazy person.

Sens Town would like to send out a big F.U. to Dany Heatley. It's not me, it's YOU

-The Mayor


eli said...

Well said sir!

The Mayor said...

Thank you............but I'm fuming still lol

eli said...

You know, he still hasn't come clean. The following is a quote from the Citizen today:
“There was a few things, just ... I’m not going to get into specifics on those things, but there was some personal things that I felt a change was the best thing for everybody involved,” Heatley said.

The guy still was two faced to the end. The previous comments had been…”This is a hockey decision, diminished role blah blah.” Great player but only plays for the name on the back, not the team.

The Mayor said...

Ya there has been many rumors ive heard why he wanted out and none of them we're hockey related.

He won't say IMO as it will make him look even worse if what ive heard is true

Scumbag til the end