Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Jason Smith Retires

It's true people. The legend that is Jason "Gator" Smith is no more. The hard nosed defenceman retired today at the age of 35. He played one injury plagued season for the Sens, but did score an amazing OT winner against Dallas, his only point of the year.

While it never quite worked out for him here in Ottawa, everyone loves the guy and he was the model of a what a pro should be. He sacrificed his body for the good of the team and he will go down as a legenedary hockey player for that reason alone.

Best of luck Jason in whatever you do. Oh and thanks for putting us back under the cap, we owe ya one.


Anonymous said...

im so glad he is gone, sure he is a grinder but provided no offense and little defense with his utter lack of speed...not to mention being grossly overpaid...i already feel better about the sens this season :)

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