Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jersey Foul 37

This one isn't even a foul, this one I give a complete pass to based on the summer's events and the fact he's been gone less then a week and people are pissed. That's pretty much how we all feel at the moment. Butttttttttttt don't go getting any ideas Sens Army, just because this one is allowed, doesn't mean you all get a free pass to break out ridiculous past player jersey's or cross name's out and continue to wear them scot free. Just giving you a heads up.


The Mayor


Peter said...

Is it a jersey foul if I keep wearing my McAmmond jersey? If so, is there a time/place when it might be acceptable?

The Mayor said...

It's a bit of a foul, just such an obscure player to even have a jersey of. I'm more shocked then anything lol.

So i thought about it and there are a few nights you can wear it scot free.

1) If there a Sens Alumni game going on or an Alumi night

2) Throwback night

3) if mcammaond is back for some reason and being honored

At least it's not as bad as the Pitlick and Dackell i saw last night too