Sunday, September 06, 2009

K&C Hockey Factory

Over the last 2 drafts, we've landed ourselves 2 elite defenceman prospects by the name's of Erik Karlsson (2008) and Jared Cowen (2009). Karlsson has been given every opportunity to make the team this year, while Cowen will likely star at the 2010 World Jr Championships in Saskatchewan. One thing is for sure, Sens fans are salivating at the mouth at the thought of these two patrolling our blueline for the next decade. With training camp begining in less then a week now, time to get to know our future stars a bit more. For a feature on Karlsson click here and for Cowen click here

Could it be that they might turn into Redden (circa 2003-04) and Chara? Too early to tell but Sens fans definitely have high expectations for the duo. What do you guys think, the real deal or bust?


eli said...

I'm personally very optimistic. Karlsson really impressed at the last WJC in Ottawa. He is supremely confident; obviously he was well coached from a young age. Playing in the Swedish Elite League at such a young age is quite an accomplishment.

Cowen is really impressive. He comes across as kind of a really humble guy who was genuinely happy to be drafted by the Sens. I like the fact that he is from Saskatchewan; working on farms really gets these guys in shape.

These young hungry guys are the Sens future. Not some jaded whiny baby suck who doesn't appreciate what he has.

The Mayor said...

I agree but I would say Cowen is more of a sure thing then Karlsoon and with his size he would be a dominating pressence. Can't wait to see what they got