Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Denials

More and more denials of the possible trade are now trickling in, and from noteable sources, such as TSN's Bob McKenzie. In fact he said, not only did the Sens not trade Dany Heatley, they are no closer then they were yesterday. Telling words from one of hockey's most trusted sources. To see the full article click here

I'm suprised someone as reputable as ESPN would go with a story they hadn't confirmed yet. To add to the ridiculousness, all 3 GM's of the teams involved have denied it emphatically yet they still reported it.

Sens GM Bryan Murray: "it's simply not true

Kings GM Dean Lombardi: "it is complete bull"

Sharks GM Doug Wilson: "it is an absolute fabrication"

Just another weird twist in one of the weirdest stories in recent memory. Will this ever end?

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