Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Heatley Hate

I know I posted two last week (see here and here) but screw it. As long as people are hating on Dany and I still find it amusing, I will continue to post em, until I get tired of it. More Heatley Hate on display at SBP on Friday's match.

What do you guys think.....should I move on from the Heatley hate or is it still funny?


Anonymous said...

I'd say move on .. The only thing that I think when I see cheechoo and Michalek .. To think that Heatley and cronies forced this totally one sided trade is outrageous.

skaught said...

If it is funny, post it. We fans got screwed all summer long with this thing. For me, it ain't about hating Heatley. If our fellow fans who paid good money go through the trouble of messing with their sweaters, they deserve our attention.

Sacul said...

I say it's all funny if Heatley struggles and the Sens don't. If Heatley and the Sharks go on a tear, there is no justice in life.

WV: actout - What you do when you want out of a long-term contract.