Saturday, September 12, 2009

Murray And Heatley Reaction + 1st Day Of Camp

GM Bryan Murray explaining the deal with San Jose. Love the semi subtle shot he takes at Heatley and his camp for the leaks. Outstanding. With all these forwards, someone has to go, who will it be? By the way, why is Murray wearing a golf shirt with the old logo on it? Can they not afford a current one? Maybe with the 4 million in cash already paid out to Dany, Melnyk is tightening the belt ;)

And here's Scumbag talking about how he doesn't think he did anything wrong and taking no responsibility whatsoever. Hey maybe with the vacant captaincy in San Jose, dominant Dany will wear the C.....not. Good riddance.

Ahhhhhhhh finally some hockey news. Ok it's just showing the players doing their medicals and physicals but good to seem them back at SBP

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