Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Respect For Neil

It was pre-season and he didn't really have to do it. Milan Lucic is a HUGE man by all accounts. They say it's insane how strong he is. He definitely has inches and pounds over Neil. Early on in the tilt, Neil was cut up pretty good and took some big shots. When most would have gone down, he showed tremendous heart and stayed in there, eventually fighting back to make it respectable.

It's a small thing like that, that can go along way later on in the season. Guys see players aren't letting up because it's a pre-season game. Champions always have that killer instinct to want to win no matter what. I think this helped us more then we're aware at the moment. I have a new found respect for Chris Neil. Not worth the 2 mill but still, at least he puts in work. Now if he would only stop hyping himself after fights, we'd be all set.

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Anonymous said...

I love the heart, but he can't fight (hasn't been able to for yrs), can't skate and can't score.

If only his team mates had 1/5 the heart.