Monday, September 14, 2009

Open House Re-Cap

Yesterday was the season ticket holder's open house event at SBP and you know Mayor was there to capture everything. Things I learned yesterday:

-Ryan Shannon is small, like REALLY small. Like I can't believe he's in the NHL small
-Pascal Leclaire is the most french looking person I've ever seen
-Apparently there isn't hot water in the washrooms and apparently this is a huge deal to many fans
-Cheechoo was arriving at midnight yesterday and will practice on Monday. Milan Michalek has a visa issue and should be here Wednesday
-Brian Lee has the blondest/whitest hair known to man but was chill
-Bert's bar will have a about 10 billion big screen tv's

And now on to the hot stove session. I managed to tape some of the more important questions that I thought would interest you guys. Enjoy!

Man I couldn't be more excited for the season to start. Hurry up Wednesday. Hope those of you who couldn't be there enjoyed seeing it.


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