Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pascal Is 100

With only 2 more days until training camp begins, there are many things to look forward to. A new season, a full year with Coach Clouston, the excitement everytime Kovalev touches the puck and of course Alfie, nuff said. But perhaps the biggest difference maker will be new goaltender Pascal Leclaire. Let's face it, our season mostly rests with him.

If he can regain his 2007-08 form and live up to his potential as the 8th overall pick, then we should be in business. The key will be his health. He missed most of last season with a bad injury. Well in a new report out today, Pascal says he is 100% healthy and ready to go.

Everytime I hear him speak, he sounds excited to play in Ottawa and to get the season underway. Wow, a pro athlete who actually seems to care. Refreshing ain't it? (take notes Dany) To see the video of him talking about his health (the vid includes a better look at his new equipment btw) click here

Just a reminder that Part 2 of the Puck Daddy interview is coming tomorrow and to get your questions in for the 1st ever mailbag coming soon. New Links coming Friday as well.

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