Friday, September 04, 2009

Pascal's Pads

A few days ago I showed you Pascal Leclaire's new mask (see here) and spoke about his new equipment. We were told they would be barberpole themed colors as an ode to the old school Senators teams. Well today we have our first picture of the new pads, as well as his new blocker and catcher and I gotta say they look pretty chill.

I'm definitely feeling the new gear. What about you guys? Yay or nay?


BR said...

I luv that he wants to play, and better yet: that he wants to play in a SENS jersey. I luv the look, I luv the tri-colour stripes and the mask and I think it says a whole bunch about the man: here I am, I'm a target -- and I'm gonna shut you down! Go Pascal, have a great season.

Anonymous said...

sick look... pumped to see him break out as the true #1 he has the potential to be!!

Chris said...

I love the new pads. Old school Sens barber shop.