Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Pre-Season Links

Time for another edition of the links, pre-season style. Of course with this being the first edition of the links since Heatley was traded, there's a lot of #15 talk but fear not, there is also a lot of other great stuff that I'm sure most of you missed. Luckily for you, I'm here to make sure you get a chance to see it all. Without further delay, I present the pre-season links.
-The Mayor

-We begin with former Senator Ray Emery and his meeting with legendary boxer Smokin' Joe Frazier. Could there be a better match? Look for Emery to have a big year. I'm still cheering for him, except when we play him. To see click here

-ESPN's Scott Burnside thinks this is the last chance for Dany Heatley and GM Doug Wilson, who's an Ottawa native ironically. I have to agree. To see click here

-I guess this guy didn't get the memo that he isn't a Senator anymore and that he's pretty hated throughout hockey. 3 bills seems a bit excessive. To see what I mean click here

-Giving a fine to your already tempermental, new player seems like a bad move to me but hey what do I know. To see what I mean click here

-Hey it worked with Crobsy and Mario so why not with Alfie and Erik? Oh right, because Erik is no Crosby. Still, he must be the most high profile babysitter in Ottawa. To read it click here

-Good to see the SensPlex is doing a bit better, To see it click here

-How will the Heatley trade affect fantasy hockey? To see click here

-Eklund has less credibility then Heatley in the hockey world but to see where he see's the Sens finishing in the division click here

-Heatley has landed in San Jose, not far enough for me but he spoke a bit more about his motivation, courtesy of our buddy Puck Daddy. To see click here

-Pierre LeBrun has burning questions for each Eastern Conference team (to see Sens scroll down). To read it click here

-More Heatley trade reaction courtesy of Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News. To see SI click here and THN here

-Funny piece from Down Goes Brown about the new features in EA's NHL10. To read it click here

-Sens owner Eugene Melnyk did an interview with the Fan 590, to hear it click here

-Most of us don't want to think about a day when Alfie is no longer then captain but reality will set in shortly. Who should be the next captain? Tough skates to fill but to see some arguments click here

-You know, they say it's usually the simple things that are the best things in life. I couldn't agree more, especially with this site. To see what I mean click here

-A boring. bland take of the Heatley trade. Then again what do you expect from To see click here

-If you're like me, you can't get enough of season preview, so here's another one. To see it click here

-I have to say I was sad to see Martin Havlat go a few years ago, especially when I saw what we got back but good to see he still will go out of the way to show love to the city of Ottawa. To see click here

-Could Sundin or Forsberg or BOTH be coming to Ottawa? It's a possibility "allegedly". To see it click here

-For all the people interested in the farm team, here is Binghamton's training camp schedule. To look click here

-Someone thinks it was a mistake for San Jose to trade for Heatley, then again he was fired by Tampa Bay. To read it click here

-Special shoutout to Coach Clouston who celebrated his 40th birthday last Saturday with a 6-1 win over les habitants. To see click here

-Sportnet's Mike Brophy has a Northeast Division preview up and finally someone giving us some credit. To read it click here

-And finally, we end with what we began with, Ray Emery. A nice little Q&A with the former Sen. To see it click here

Hope you all enjoyed this week's links. Can you believe the season starts so soon? I can't wait.

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