Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Regin Makes The Big Club, Karlsson Likely

It appears Danish forward Peter Regin has made the Ottawa Senators. According to the Ottawa Sun, Bryan Murray has revealed the Dane will start the year in the show after a strong training camp. It also goes on to say Erik Karlsson is close but is still battling to earn his spot. They are also reporting Chris Kelly is feeling the heat of a bad camp and may be dealt. To read the whole article click here

Do you agree with Regin's inclusion? I personally think the kid should get a shot, I was impressed with him from what I saw last year in limited duty. I think I may be one of th eonly people who isn't drooling over Karlsson. He may improve and be a force, I can see he has the talent but I didn't see enough to warrant a roster spot from him yet.

As far as Chris Kelly, I'd give him a shot to redeem himself but if we can find someone who will take him, I would't mind moving him either.

What are your take's on all of this? Let me know


BR said...

Moving Kelly will be a mistake. He's a good 2-way player. Yes. probably a wee over-paid, but a solid insurance policy. And, Karlsson is almost ready. It's Lee that I think that has tanked. And Carkner should be factored somewhere in the picture. Picard? Jury's out -- not a big fan of his...

Sacul said...

I've always liked Chris Kelly's play and I think the issue for him is motivation. He seems to be dismayed at falling down the depth chart and seeing Vermy get shipped out. I fondly remember him stepping up when Spezza went down a few years ago and all of a sudden his stone hands somehow softened. For some reason Kels played better when he wasn't getting contract "respect" and had to re-up every year. Now that he's a bit overpaid, he's really adrift.
If BM would have been able to find a dance partner, he'd have made some deals by now, but every team has a lot of bottom 6 forwards. I bet he's always being asked to take a fair-sized contract in return, which ends the conversations quickly.
I think Ruutu, Donavan, Schubert (and on D Picard) are being offered for late round picks and bags of pucks with no takers. I think Neil is safe because BM just gave him the big deal and wants a chance to show he wasn't crazy. He just might bounce back and score 12 or 15 this year, especially if Carkner is on the roster and helps save Neiler's fists. He actually has decent hands around the net, which few realize.
I think BM will have to ask Eugenerous if he wants to pay a player or two big money to play in the AHL...cuz some of these guys could easily clear waivers. Maybe a Gerber-style "re-entry" 50% off sale is on the horizon.

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