Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Respect Where Respect Is Due

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Mats Sundin was a great player. By all accounts he played the game the right way, the way people should aspire to be. Sens fans had it particluarly hard, due to him being in our division and with out provincial rivals, but there is no denying he was a special player.

On many a night, he drove me crazy but only because I knew he was so good. He was always Toronto's best player and oddly the one I never had anything against. He as a model captain and someone I have the utmost respect for. He may have been our bitter rival but I will give respect where respect is due and Mats Sundin deserves a nice sendoff.

We had many memorable battles together and many moments to look back on. I will always remember when Alfie did his best Mats impression and fake threw the stick into crowd. You were the only Leaf who thought it was funny, not some ridiculous disrespectful gesture.

You made me sleepless on countless night's and single handedly drove up my post game drinking bill but congratulations on a hall of fame career. Weirdly, you will be missed.


Rob R. said...

why is he wearing #21 in that photo?

The Mayor said...

Because that was the night they honored Bjore Salming, who is dropping the puck and he wore 21

eli said...

If Salming gets huge respectb from "Leaf Nation," Sundin should as well. Both were Swedes who dispelled Harold Ballard's myth that Europeans would skate into a corner with a dozen eggs and not break one.

Sundin did not mind the physical play and gave as good as he got. Definitely NOT a leafs fan but I respect him as a player.

Sacul said...

Sundin was like a thoroughbred race horse forced to live in the wrong part of the ranch. Even though he was classy, talented and productive, he was forced to live in the pen with the pigs while there was a beautiful stable up the road (about 450 km.)
If he hadn't been forced to play with minor-league talents and meat-heads like Tucker and Domi, Sundin would have cup rings and be guaranteed first-ballot entry to the HOF. If only he could have been Alfie's centre in the an unstoppable line. Thanks, Mats, for not dragging this out even more.

WV: drantsk - What Sundin never did from Lord Stanley's cup.