Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sens Beat Up On Habs

It was good to see a little more atmosphere at SBP last night, even if the ultra annoying Habs fans were the inspiration for it. Where were all these hardcore Habs fans 5 years ago? Hell 3 years ago? Ultimate bandwagoners but I will get off this subject before it turns into the largest rant ever known to man.

Here's what you need to know from the game:

-GREAT to see Mike Fisher get the hatty, I think he matched his goal total from last year, just kidding.......sort of. Hopefully he has a rebound year, it would really help us out Fish.

-Also great to see Kovalev get his first goal as a Sens against Montreal. Couldn't have worked out better. Also loved seeing about 83276253 Kovalev Hab jerseys last night.

-In my opinion Erik Karlsson will not make the team and doesn't deserve to. He makes far too many mistakes and doesn't bring enough offensively at the moment to make up the difference.

-In a somewhat suprising move, Cody Bass has already been cut, meaning perhaps Zack Smith or Peter Regin will get a shot? Regin had a pretty good game last night and had a nice finish for a goal.

-Pascal Leclaire made his home debut last night and I was impressed. He didn't have that much work but did make the saves when he had to. Hey you can only stop what they shoot at you. He wasn't required to be spectacular because of the Habs play but he seems to be legit. The only goal he did let in was a PP marker that was tipped.

-4 more players were cut today including Josh Hennessy, Derek Smith, Martin St Pierre, who will all go to Bingo and Mike Hoffman has been returned to his junior team

Well there we go folks, our first win of the season. Feels good doesn't it.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't disgree with you more on Karlsson. He is by far the Sens best defenceman. Was at the game, and he has a way of getting his shots on net.