Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spezza & Alfie Crack Sportsnet's Top 50

Sportsnet's Mike Brophy just released his top 50 player's in the NHL list and 2 Sens are on it. Daniel Alfredsson is #23 and Jason Spezza is #43. Seems about right, though perhaps I would have Spezza a smidge higher, though the list does include goalies. Our good friend Dany Heatley is #16. Of course, no Habs or Maple Leafs made the list. To see the full 50 click here

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Sacul said...

I think Broph embarrased himself on this one. So many ridiculous rankings...and the comments he put look like they were written in June instead of September. And another thing: I'm so tired of "pundits" writing about the "crumbling" Sens...not even realizing they are easily the most improved team in the East. Aaaaaanywaaays.....

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