Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spezza's Brother Involved In High Speed Chase, Vin Diesel Jealous

Ok I'm just kidding of that last part, kinda. We all know Vin would be happy just to be mentioned anywhere these days. On Friday night, Jason Spezza's brother Matt, was involved in one of the weirdest stories in recent memory. It never stops with the Sens. We're like an epiosde of CSI. Come to think of it, Cory Clouston does have a slight resembelance to David Caruso. Coinicedence? Ya it definitely is. That's what you gotta love about the Sens. Just when you think we've seen it all, we sign Kovalev or a brother gets into a high speed chase. We're the present that keeps on giving.

So Spezza's brother and his roomie (really, a roomie?) were on the way to a Kim Mitchell concert in Richmond (no seriously, they were), when they found themselves in the middle of an action movie script.

This had it all. Delirious girl, a porsche, a crazy boyfriend, a high speed chase throughout the city and the cops seemignly not caring about it. You couldn't make this stuff up.

To read the full story click here, it's a must read. At this point do we have anything left that can happen to us?

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Arzee said...

thanks for spelling out just how crazy this story really is. I had to step back and read your blog to notice. Cory Caruso, he's totally CSI.