Monday, September 14, 2009

Stuntman Stu Interview

You know him from the Team 1200, you know him as the public address announcer at Scotiabank Place, but do you know the man that is Stuntman Stu? Now you will. The one and only Stuntman recently sat down with Sens Town and talked about hockey, life and of course smoked meat.

Sens Town: So you grew up in Montreal, be honest, were you a Habs fan? When did you switch over to Sens Army?

Stuntman Stu: I don’t know too many people who grew up in Montreal that weren’t Habs fans. I moved here 15 years ago and slowly started to make the switch. If the Habs go farther then the Sens in the playoffs then I cheer for them.

Sens Town: How did you land the PA announcing gig at SBP?

Stuntman Stu: The Sens had a posting on their website back in the summer of 2006. My buddy told me to send in a demo and two auditions later I got the job.

Sens Town: What's the best and worst part about being the job?

Stuntman Stu: Best part is watching every home game and being part of the biggest event in town night after night. The worse part is if you make a mistake, there’s 20,000 reminders the next day.

Sens Town: What are your favorite players name's to announce and hardest to pronounce for the Sens and then for the rest of the league?

Stuntman Stu: Favorite, Jarko Ruutu…The whole crowd gets into it. The bad part is he doesn’t score too many goals. Former Panther Karlis Skrastins is one that I tend to have some problems with.

Sens Town: So your last name is Schwartz, any relation to the world famous smoke meant joint on St Laurent in MTL?

Stuntman Stu: If there was, I would be counting my money on a small island down south.

Sens Town: Where's the best place in MTL to get a smoked meat sammie in your opinion?What about Ottawa?

Stuntman Stu: There’s no shortage of opinion on this one but hands down it’s Schwartz’s. I rarely go out for smoke meat in Ottawa but the Grand Central New York Deli on Merivale gives it a good shot.

Sens Town: What's your favorite game day meal?

Stuntman Stu: I usually grab a protein shake on my way to the rink then steal a desert from the media lounge. Guess that’s going to stop when they read this…

Sens Town: Do you have any superstitions at SBP or a routine that you MUST do?

Stuntman Stu: My first season I never ate the popcorn in the pressbox and they went to the finals. The last 2 seasons I have. Needless to say, I won’t be eating any popcorn this season.

Sens Town: Who's your current favorite player on the Sens?

Stuntman Stu: Without question, Alfie. He’s a model on the ice and a great guy away from it. Always makes time for everybody.

Sens Town: Who's the biggest person you've had the chance to interview?

Stuntman Stu: We had Gretzky on last year and I was able to ask one question, (Jungle handled most of the interview fearing I would ask for his autograph over the phone). Throughout my career I’ve interviewed lots of bands, athletes and comedians. One of my most memorable was former Expo Warren Cromartie. He was candid, gracious and a real treat to have in studio.

Sens Town: What was your favorite Sens moment of all time? Most disappointing moment?

Stuntman Stu: Hanging shelves in my new house listening to the radio and hearing Gord Wilson say “The Senators are going to the Stanley Cup finals”. Worst moment is watching them lose to Anaheim.

Sens Town: How do you see the Sens doing this year, playoffs or no?

Stuntman Stu: The real experts will give you the odds, my gut says they’ll make it. Cory Clouston will do what others couldn’t. He’s going to make these guys accountable and I have to believe the sting of not making the playoffs was in the back of their minds all summer.

Sens Town: What's something hockey related you really want to see/accomplish? For me it's either being at a game the Sens win the Cup at so i can sing along to we are the champions or drink champagne out of the Stanley Cup.

Stuntman Stu: Stanley Cup or my kid lacing up for the Sens one day. If he skates like his dad, let’s say the Cup either way.

Sens Town: What do you think about the Sens adopting a soccer like pregame style, where everyone has songs and they all stand up during the anthem with their scarves or we have our own team anthem song that people actually sing? Become a tradition sort of thing

Stuntman Stu: I would rather see Sens fans drown out the visiting team fans…sometimes I’m not sure what building I’m in.

Sens Town: Favorite player's name to announce when they score and you get to do the long pronounciation of their name? Seemed to be Heatley before.

Stuntman Stu: Again, it’s Jarko Ruuuuuuutu. Alfredsson is fun too because he always gets a big cheer from the crowd.

Sens Town: How did you get the nickname Stuntman?

Stuntman Stu: When I started in radio in 1996, I was desperate to get on the air and willing to do anything. The morning show guys at the time (Doc and Woody) had me duck taped to a street pole, locked in the trunk of a car and show up at someone’s house early one morning dressed as a French maid. The nickname stuck and the rest is history.

Sens Town: Ok let's have some fun. Time to pick which you like best.......who's a better legendary stuntman, Evil Knievel or Jackie Chan?

Stuntman Stu: Neither. Super Dave Osborne.

Sens Town: Better drink at a hockey game, beer or soda? (no wine allowed)

Stuntman Stu: Smirnoff Ice…yes, I know it’s a girly drink.

Sens Town: Well ok, as long as you know. Better snack, nachos or popcorn?

Stuntman Stu: Nachos

Sens Town: Personalized jerseys with fans own names, yay or nay?

Stuntman Stu: You’re asking a guy with a few Stuntman jerseys…

Sens Town: No touch icing, yay or nay?

Stuntman Stu: I’m tired of seeing guys get hurt., so no touch.

Sens Town: Sitting in a suite or sitting with the fans?

Stuntman Stu: Sitting with the fans, but suites do have perks. No waiting in long lines for the washroom at intermission is nice.

Sens Town: Don Cherry, love him or hate him?

Stuntman Stu: At this stage, I can’t imagine the 1st intermission on Saturday without him.

Sens Town: And finally, who has the better fans. The Leafs, Habs or Sens?

Stuntman Stu: I'm not going there.........

Shoutout to Stuntman Stu for taking the time to join us. I hope you guys enjoyed hearing a different side to such a familiar voice. Be sure to check out the Sens Town Interview archive if you're looking for more interviews.

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