Monday, September 07, 2009

Take The Hint

The Ottawa Sun has confirmed what we all already knew, poll style. Nearly 3/4 of the people who responded, don't want Heatley back. So maybe take the hint Dany, it's not me, it's you.

My ideal scenario would still be him coming to camp and having to play a game or two at SBP, so we have the chance to give the Bronx cheer and get our feelings out. Before trading him to start the season to a team he doesn't really want to go to, for a package that helps us get better immediately. Not likely but I can dream can't I?

Ironic that this is being posted about Dany Heatley on Labor Day, since we all know Dany doesn't work on the ice. Maybe in Dany's honor we can call it, sit back and relax while Alfie does all the dirty work and wait for a pass from Spezza while I float around in the slot, aspiring to get one of those nifty knee on the ice shots off, while hoping to get a goal and therefore recieve all the credit and glory without ever any criticism or I will act like a 2 year old day. Just a thought.

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Canucnik said...

I still think you and the SUN are low at 28%...I stand corrected. are going to see Heatley @ his biggest, his fastest, his quickest and his sharpest EVER...we payed for it, I want it with the SENS and at the Olympics.

Who cares about him I care about us, let's let the Big Fella play his way out of here @ the TRADE DEADLINE...if he does watch the picks and the prospect we get...WIN WIN!

PS: Erik is bigger and wider than I thought!