Saturday, September 12, 2009

Training Camp Saturday Links

It's here, it's here !!! I feel like a kid on christmas morning, who got exactly what they wanted. Finally training camp begins and we can get back to talking actual hockey, and not about a hypothetical trade, that may or may not ever happen. Like the pro's, I'm running two a days, so enjoy the extra long training camp edition of the links

-The Mayor

-Let's get it started shall we. Here is the first preview of training camp from CBC. I'm o excited for hockey news, I'll even take it government style. To see it click here

-Are you like me, who can't seem to get enough of Coach Clouston's straight forward, common sense attitude? Then peep this interview the Coach did on the FAN 590, talking about training camp, the season and of course #15. To hear it click here

-The Sens seem to have roughly 10 gazillion forwards signed this year and are having trouble finding room for former 1st round pick Jim O'Brien. I saw the kid play at the World Jr's a few times and he didn't really stand out. Seems to me he's topped out already and won't ever be an impact player in the league. To see what they might do with the kid click here

-I've decided I'm going to try and pay more attention to Bingo this year. First up was the introduction of the new coach. To see it click here

-A little rookie camp news, click here

-Last week I had a post about how TSN ranked us 24th overall in their preseason rankings, it seems The Hockey News agrees. Do they ever ay anything positive about us? To read it click here

-Time for another season preview, this time courtesy of Spector, to read click here

-A nice little Q&A from BM, click here

-Sens Town favorite Ian Mendes weighs in with a little homecoming piece on Dany boy, click here

-THN says the Sens are on the clock when it comes to Dany Heatley. No Shit! To read it click here

-Zack Smith has been one of the youngster's who has a chance to make the big team this year, nice little feature on him from The Citizen. I like this kid's moxy. To read it click here and to see his fight from the rookie tourney click here

-Longtime former Sens CEO, Roy Mlakar was recently honored by the City of Ottawa, to read it click here

-Ales Hemsky of the Oilers says it would be fun to play with Heatley, to see what he thinks click here

-Ever wonder what jersey would get the most hate at SBP? Well our good friend Puck Daddy went through each team to see which jersey would make their fanbase cringe the most. To see it click here and while you're at it, check the Sens Town interviews archive for our 2 part interview with Puck Daddy.

-A Martin Lapointe autographed jersey, really? click here

-I always thought Ray Emery took the fall for a greater problem. I still remain a fan of him and see a BIG comeback season ahead in Philly, that will make us all regret giving him up. Nice little feature on him appreciating the 2nd chance he's been given. To read it click here

-Why do we love Alfie so much? Well there's about a million reasons but here's reason a million and one, click here

-How does Mike Fisher feel about the Heatley situation? He calls it a circus. He's prob just excited no one is asking him about Carrie Underwood anymore. To read it click here

-Ever heard the term, no harm no foul? Apparently Coach hasn't and I love it. Click here

-Unbelievably, Mike Comrie is an Oiler again. I was always a fan of him in his 2 stints here. To read Gene's take click here

-Ever wondered how the put in the ice at SBP? Wonder no more, click here

-Why is Dany Heatley still a member of the Ottawa Senators as I type this? (wait he is still on the team right?). Partly because of NTC that are ruining the game. Good piece from a former GM about the problem it's causing. To read click here

-Apparently the Heatley backlash is also affecting the Sens' bottom line to read click here

-It seems the economy didn't affect our provincial "competition" who just opened up a 48 million dollar 260,000 sq ft practice complex. To see a tour of the new complex in which the will continue to suck at click here

-For all you fantasy geeks out there, a little fantasy preview of Sens players. Click here

-As a Red Sox and Patriots fan, I love me some NESN, but this article I don't fully agree with. They say Heatley MAY be losing some support with the other players. Um he MAY be? That's like saying the Habs and Leaf fans are a LITTLE BIT annoying. To read it click here

-A lot of Sens players are due for bounce back years, to see which one made it into the top 10 in the league click here

-Finally we have some good Ottawa news involving The Hockey News. Unfortunately for us, the Ottawa team in question is the 67's, who won the OHL's nicest jersey. To see click here

-Of course we knew everyone would be jealous, so of course Reebok decided it couldn't make the iconic barberpole jerseys anymore for some insane reason and the 67's have been forced to switch. To see it click here

-And I'll get you out of here with one more season preview to get you amped up for the new season. To see it click here

So that's it for this week's links. I hope you enjoyed the stories that usually slip between the cracks. Training camp and the promise of a new season. Doesn't get much better then that. Happy 1st day of camp everyone and have a good weekend.

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eli said...

Mayor, outstanding post as usual. Thanks for the very comprehensive update.

I actually like the fact the Big H. hasn't been traded yet. He could run before but now he can't hide from his teammates or the media. Love it. A trade within the next week or so or whenever would be fine with me. Bryan M. is holding all the cards right now so why go for crappy deals at this point.