Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Was Robbed: The Rant

So the Sens lost again tonight, 2-1 to the Florida Panthers, which bring their record to 0-2 in the pre-season, which is fine as it's the pre-season, but I have to say what a joke the refs and the NHL is sometimes.

The Senators tied the game up late with the clock winding down, except the ref waived it off. The players all protested to review it, so did the Coach and he refused. They then showed a replay on the screen at SBP where everyone could clearly see the puck went in and still nothing. The crowd booed heavily and the ref just refused and dropped the puck (to see the video of the players arguing with him to check and fans booing, look at the 3rd video down the page), which of course ended in a loss for the Sens. How can they not look? They blew it bigtime and I just don't get the NHL.

On the postgame show on the team on the way home, Dean and Gord were going on about how it's no big deal and that it's pre-season for the refs too. Spoken like two people who were paid to be at the game and never have to pay hard earned money to attend. The point isn't that it's a meaningless game, the point is that you have to hold yourself to a high standard and there was no excuse for not checking. What message does that send to the fans of your sport, who are paying, $30 or $50 or $80 or $100 or more to watch the game? It says F.U. we don't care and that is UNACCEPTABLE! It would have taken them 2 mins tops to check and get the call right. And the NHL wonders why it's never become a big sport in the US. It's little subtle things they don't do or do poorly that separate them from first class run operations.

Sorry to go all Dennis Miller on you and rant but it just blew my mind that they flat out refused to check. Only in the NHL right. Anyways, now back to the game in bullent form of what you needed to know.

-Kovalev was so so but it's pre-season. Still seems extremely weird to see him in a Sens jersey but I will get used to it. Also he was getting pretty big cheers all night, seems to be a new fan favorite.

-Cheechoo was meh. I honestly wouldn't have noticed him if I wasn't specifically looking for him, which I was of course. He did draw an assist on the lone Sens goal however.

-The new "O" store was open. Nothing to see. Same merchandise as was in the other stores but maybe they will get more vintage gear as the season moves on.

-Erik Karlsson didn't blow me away but he didn't look out of place either. He made a few decent plays and made a few bad ones, which is to be expected from a rookie. If he keeps it up I say he makes the team.

-As for the rest of the guys, they sort of mailed it in I'd say. Not a very good effort but then again I'm sure they were rusty and getting used to new players. I'm not too worried. At least hockey is back

Here's a couple videos for you guys from tonight's game. The Phillips goal and the Yablonski fight, enjoy and as always thanks for reading. Did I go overboard on the rant? You tell me.....


Anonymous said...

i couldnt agree more, its not even the point that it was so obviously a goal, its that they would refuse to even consider the notion or make the effort....its typical of the nhl, even in the pre-season they are anti-ottawa, and other small canadian towns.

Anonymous said...

Rant was definitely called for.

The Mayor said...

Screw it, I posting it, it will be up in 10mins.

I have a video showing the Sens players trying to get him to look at it and the fans booing and the ref not caring at all.....

eli said...
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eli said...

I think the Sens should lodge a formal complaint to the NHL. That non-goal call was unacceptable