Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Yep, there seriously is a website by that title. I kid you not. This is what a circus it has become. How can he come back? With the clocking ticking to the first day of training camp on Saturday, why do I feel about as comfortable as I would if MacGruber was in charge of difusing a bomb with my life in his questionable hands. Ok, hilarious fictional character reference aside, this will not end well and the last thing we need is another distraction to start the season off.

At this point, it seems that we're pretty much stuck with him, unless a miracle happens in the next few days and Mike Milbury becomes a GM again. Naw that's crazy, that's about as likely as Jason Allison being back in the NHL. Wait, what's that you say? He is. Who would be stupid enough to do that?

This website is just a symbolic gesture of the overall feeling of everyone in Sens Town, everyone feels cheated by Dany. To see the "ode" to Dany click here

Big week in Sens Town coming up: We've got 2 MASSIVE interviews you're going to love and the 1st mailbag coming, so be sure to get your questions in to senstown@gmail.com


Canucnik said...

The circus that never was is over.

Canucnik's secret poll; about half the Sens fans want an explosive offence this year and thus we must include #15.

We just straightened out the Knuckle heads @ their new Blog...just like I straightened out the Bell TV guy.

Philly, Alf, Dany and lord knows who else are all BARRY ites, have been in touch through Stacey and will put this "Request" to sleep in the time it takes to have one beer as they drool over the arrival of "Erik"!

We're talkin' soft passes and no touch set ups!

Canucnik said...

SENS TOWN mail bag...

Question...Who pairs with Philippé game one?