Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The 1st Place Links

Doesn't it feel great to be in first place? Even if it is only 7 games into the season. With that said, time for another edition of the links.

-Matt Carkner is Mr Popular in Ottawa lately, great to see for a guy who waited so long to make it and now gets to do it at home. Fresh off his new 2 year, 1 way deal, get to know Matt.

-We all know Heatley scored his hatty and was named 1st star on the opening week but a good piece on a guy we got back in that deal in Milan Michalek, who had his own hat trick. And you will be happy to know he is currently in 2nd place, behind Volchenkov, for who ends up on the back of my new jersey.

-Everyone has been touched by cancer, a good piece on the Sens helping out and to support it by shopping click here

-New power rankings are out, to see where the Sens are, go here, here and here

-Johnny T has fond memories of Ottawa, too bad we showed him a rough time on his return, especially the A-Train

-A feature on on former Sen Ray Emery

-Guess calling the Heatley 3 way trade wasn't the thing Buccigross was most wrong about this year.

-Jonathan Cheechoo thinks he can regain his form, well that makes one of us

-Hmmm this is interesting

-With Matt Carkner making good as a local boy, is Martin St Pierre next?

-Is there something wrong with Jason Spezza? Ian Mendes doesn't think so

-Say you had 1 wish, would it be to know more about Ryan Shannon? It is? Well then lucky you

-Say what? I cannot agree with this

-A pair of interviews on the Fan 590 for those of you who have a lisp fetish. You've got Tim Murray and Bryan Murray

-The A-Train has defeinitely picked up a lot of steam and a lot of love, as this and this will attest to. Plus I'm sure once he finds out that if he re-signs, that he will be on the back of a new jersey from me, the process will move very quickly. I expect pen to paper is imminent, once he gets the word.

-This is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

-What the hell is even the point of this? I guess this is there attempt at being cool and edgy, especially in the title, with their ultra clever play on words.

-ESPN has definitely been suspect lately but even with that in mind, Leclaire at 23? Spezza at 74 really? Is Eklund's real name Sean Allen?

-Time for a little video action, giggity giggity goo. But seriously, here's a video for a feature on Mach 9 2.0

-Even if it is the Habs, I have to admit this is cool. Pretty sneaky of Harper to pretend to show up for the event, just so he can watch his real favorite team, the Sens.

-Now this is outstanding! Even if it is 10 years too late

-Always love to see Triple C getting some love

-PK is OK says this

Hoep you all enjoyed another edition of the links, it seems to be the most popular feature, along with the Jersey Fouls. Keep the comments, suggestions and emails coming. I appreciate all the love.

-The Mayor

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