Wednesday, October 07, 2009

1st Win Of The Season

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, feels good doesn't it? To get our first win since April, over the hated Maple Leafs no less and on the road. By the way, was that game held at library? It was the quietest arena I've ever (not) heard.

So my prediction of a 5-2 Sens win was off, but at least I got the outcome right. Not really too much to say right now, just soaking it all in. Pascal played great again and I can't wait for the opener on Thursday.

What did you guys think of the game?

So cheers everyone, to the first win of a new season, Salut!


eli said...

Great effort from the Sens. Pretty boring though, as the Sens stuck to a very defensive style, but to be expected on the road. Lots of positives; Michalek's amazing speed led to Alfie's goal, Philchenkov played great, Cheecho was decent, and Carkner was solid. All in all a very good effort. Oh, and Pascal was the man!

And to top off the good night, the Sharks lost with Heatley scoring 3 points and being a minus 2 on the night. HA HA!

Anonymous said...

We were seriously lucky to win that game and if not for Alfie we probably wouldn't have. Kovalev is a bust, as is Cheecho.

Overall I think our lack of offence is still a result of a poor/weak defensive core. They don't seem capable of getting that first pass cleanly out of the zone - then their stuck going backwards, which allows the other team to strengthen their forecheck, which eventually results in chipping it out on the glass, which in turn results in a loss of possession. I watched several shifts of our top line wasted last night bc the defense couldn’t get them the puck cleanly.

Anyways, no need to panic, it's only game 2, but man it looks like it could be a long long year.

The Mayor said...

I think we'll pick it up, remember there are 6 new faces in the lineup, thats alot of turnover. Takes time to gel.

But ya i almost fell asleep in the 1st period, man was the acc quiet. Compare that to the phill crowd and it's no contest