Thursday, October 01, 2009


Yes $787,500 is the difference in salary between Brian Lee staying with the Sens or being in Binghamton, pretty big discrepency. As you can imagine, he isn't a happy camper being back in the AHL. When asked about his demotion he said, "disappointed, obviously".

The Ottawa Sun went on to run some of Coach Clouston's thought's as well, where he cofirmed that Lee was pissed. "He should be upset. If you send a guy down in his situation and he’s okay with it and comfortable and happy with it, then there’s a problem,” said Clouston. “We expected him to be upset and what he’s got to do is go down there and use that energy, whether you want to call it anger or emotion, and he’s got to channel that to be the best player down there. We know he’s not going to be down there for a long time. Right now, it’s for the better of the organization. Things can change. It’s also good for him. He can’t see that right now, but it does him no good if he’s in and out of the lineup up here as opposed to playing a huge role down there with 24 or 25 minutes. He’s still a young guy and he’s going to be a very good defenceman in the NHL.”


eli said...

Hopefully he doesn't request a trade. He has improved tremendously over the last couple years. He needs to bide his time, play great in Bingo, and he'll likell be the first D call up due to injury or trade.

The Mayor said...

I think it's important to remember he is only in binghamton too because he had a 2way deal

Anonymous said...

Its important to remember that the LEE pick was TERRIBLE. He's been a big disspointment and has only to look in the mirror to assign blame. Hey Lee, how about putting on some size in the offseason (finally did this yr) and playing with an edge sometimes.

i hope it works out for him. go down, train hard and put in the time, you'll be back before long.