Friday, October 02, 2009

All Hail King Alfie

Special shoutout to Daniel Alfredsson, who on this day 10 years ago, wore the C for the very first time. It's hard to believe, but he has been with the team since 1995-96. He is the face of the franchise and will be the first modern Senators player to have his number retired. He is by far the most beloved player and with good reason. His heart, character and skill, have made him a legend in Ottawa and with me. As reported 3 months ago by Sens Town, he is also the NHL's longest serving captain, entering his 10th year with the C. He is the definition of a pro, on and off the ice he is a player that everyone looks up to. Nothing I say could possibly do him justice, so I will end it here. I think I speak for everyone when I simply say, ALFIE! ALFIE! ALFIE!


Derrick said...

All hail!

We just need to get the man a CUP.

Anonymous said...

My favourite player, ever, hands down. His performance in game 5 of the SCF was the exact example that exemplifies his captaincy: down by two goals, the last of which was kicked into his own net by Razor, Alfie steals the puck on the penalty kill and marches it down for a short handed tally!

Alfie went on to score tow goals that game and attempt to rally the team into a come back. Unfortunately the rest of the Sens were not as motivated and the Sens were eliminated that night, putting to waste the single best effort by Senator player EVER!

You d'a man Alfie!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mayor said...


Plus dont forget all the times he has taken less money to stay here and defered money to help the team and all the injuries he's played through for us.