Friday, October 30, 2009

Back To The Drawing Board

What an overall awful game. We had no heart and didn't deserve the win at all. I know we were playing back to back and everything but still, what a pathetic game. Tampa owned us and Tampa should never own anyone.

Basically everyone was garbage but here are some of my thoughts from the game:

-Do we ever miss Spezza and Volchenkov. Without them we do NOT look good at all.

-Brian Elliott appears to in sophomore jinx mode, I haven't been impressed with him at all this season, especially on the Malone and Tanguay goals. Let's hope Pascal kicks the illness very soon.

-Milan Michalek is awesome. I wish he'd bury more of his chances but he is adapting well to a new team. I like him more and more every game we play. Leading contender for the back of a new jersey for yours truly.

-Steve Downie is a grade A punk. What a girl!

-Alex Picard needs to go away, right away. He's awful night after night. I can't stand him.

-Cheechoo needs to sit. He's invisible and brutal out there, except when taking non stop careless penalties. How do you say healthy scratch in Cree?

-Jarkko Ruutu has 4 goals in 11 games, to go along with his hard work and pest like bahvior. I'm impressed

Overall that game was just insanely bad to watch. If we want to make the playoffs, we can't have stinkers like that, especially to a weak team like Tampa. No excuses, excuses are for losers. We better play better on Saturday.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I think the gap between the forwards and the defense was too big. Also, terrible puck support... terrible everything... we need another defenceman.

Adam M said...

Michalek is like a antoine vermette that can hit the net and finish the plays. LOL

Anonymous said...

I think we still need another fast player. If we had more speed it might back the other teams d up and give guys a bit more time. Right now Michalek is the only Senator that really beats people with his speed.

Anonymous said...

last night was pathetic

Anonymous said...

Brian Lee is an insult to dog shit. Lee - you just wasted a great opportunity. Get the Frak out of Ottawa ASAP.

Elliot is dog shit, and always has been. He's a back up tender at best.

Kovalev was brutal - until the game didnt matter and was totally out of hand. Thanks for mailing it in, now I know why the Habs were so frustrated with you.