Saturday, October 03, 2009

Can We Get A Mulligan?

Well well, look who got a shutout in his very first game back. None other then former Sen Ray Emery. He stopped all 28 shots on his way to blanking the Carolina Hurricans on the road. I don't wanna say I told you so, but I TOLD YOU SO! All offseason I was saying I thought he'd do well, check the old posts. I had a sneaking suspition all summer that Emery will come back strong and make us regret getting rid of him for nothing. Day one and he shuts out an Eastern Conference finalist on the road, pretty impressive. I always was and always will be one of the few people who still likes Emery and wants to see him do well, except when he's playing us. Congratulations on the first big shoutout win Ray.


SCSF said...

I like Emery too. Big rebounds and all.

The situation might have become untenable for him in Ottawa, but if management had played their hand better he could have been traded. Publicly rebuking your players tends to hurt both parties.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Ray Emery. I think he has what it takes to get it done(especially in Philly!). He used to come into the resturant I work at quite a bit. He is polite and mannerful.

But dude, seriously though, it's the first game of the year. Toot your own horn when the season is over and Philly is leading the East and Emery has lead the league in shutouts or whatever it may be?

Also, I am pretty sure you are not one of the small few who liked him(his talent that is). Otherwise he wouldn't of stuck with our team so long and Philly would have not signed him. Most people liked his raw talent, athleteism, and confident demeanour. Thats the stuff that wins you cups! Just ask Roy and Hasek. They were immature jerks off(and on)the ice also.

The Mayor said...

In all fairness most people in ottawa wanted him gone, i never did, especially for nothing.

Yes it was one game but he also killed the pre-season.

He is focused to redeem himself and that is a dangerous Emery.

It was only one game but i think he's gonna have a monster season and will most likely make the all star team. The east is weak for goalies.

Henrik Lundqwist, MA Fleury and Eemery, Book it

The Mayor said...

PS- Emery won again last night