Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Carkner Signs New Deal, Has Twin

Journeyman Matt Carkner has found a home today, signing a 2 year, one way deal with the Sens that will pay him 700k per season. I'm glad that he re-signed, a little more then I would have liked but I'm ok with the signing.

In other news, apparently Matt Carkner has a twin playing in the NHL, named Ryan Malone from the Tampa Bay Lightning.

What do you think, twins or am I seeing things? Good signing or a little premature after 7 games?


Anonymous said...

haha i never noticed but they do look insanely alike, weird

good signing too

Anonymous said...


Sacul said...

Good signing! Great value for the money in a Cap environment. The guy can fill 3 roles (5-6 D Man, Penalty Killer and Enforcer) for slightly above league minimum. As an added bonus, he actually helps sell a few tickets for such a low salary.

Anonymous said...

Love Carkner but he's played all of 8 NHL games in his life, poor choice to sign hm so early

Sacul said...

Hey there Anon 9:33 PM:

OMG...in 2005 Ovechkin had played 0 NHL games and signed a 3-year entry-level deal for 3.9 M per season. I think they should have waited to see what kind of player he'd turn out to be. LOL!
(Getting value is all about getting in early, ya know?)