Saturday, October 24, 2009


Another day, another game and another pathetic collapse, this time to divisional rival Boston. The Sens gave up 2 goals in the last 80 seconds before falling in the shootout, going scoreless by the way. What's the matter with this team?

Unacceptable finish, especially by Mike Fisher, who had not one but TWO separate chances to clear the puck on the game tying goal and failed to do so. Why are we paying you way more then you're worth for, if you can't even dump the puck out with the game on the line, especially when you got a mulligan.

I'm just insanely frustrated right now. I don't get it at all. I'm off to drown my sorrows in some cold beers. What are your thoughts on tonights abomination? Am I overreacting? I'm just fed up with all the choking. We should have easily held that lead. We just cost overselves a point.


Anonymous said...

I think if the Sens play that way every night (minus the last 1.5) they will win most games I think they have to be more aggressive in that situation instead of sitting back, especially with the 2 goal lead. Also, after the Montreal game Don Cherry proved just how much of an idiot he is, calling out Neil and Carkner for trying to pump up the crowd after their fights, as far as I know that is very common and one of the main reasons for fighting at home is to get the crowd into it. Don Cherry is obviously just in a bad mood because the Leafs are still winless.

Anonymous said...

Fish's screw-up....while massive, isn't a factor if the A-train doesn't leave two Bruins wide open, in a lame attempt to go pick up his stick in the corner.

It's not all Fisher's fault.....but he still screwed up massively there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, and the guy above. If not for A train's screw ups (dumb penalty and fetching stick at inappropriate time) we would have won that game. Fortunately this is the only time ive called out AV in yrs.

Two other notes:
(1) **** poor coaching decisions were also to blame. Why did the coach have Kovalev out there in the last minute of play? Clearly a missasignment. Like, DUUUHHHHH. Rookie coaching mistake - and he makes LOTS of them.*****
(2) Elliot continues to be hold and cold. He makes great saves often during games, as he did last night, but ohh so often Elliot lets in the weak goals at innapropriate times. A perfect example is the Bruins tying goal. I appreciate it was on the PP, but Elliot HAS GOT to make those saves.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes the blame game. I have always believed that you can not necessarily blame one play for a loss. It's just the last one that we all remember, right? Hey, speaking of Fish, he had a beautiful back-handed pass to the C on the short-handed effort for an A and had his own pretty unassisted goal at the end. If anything, Fish kept them in the game.

Anonymous said...

doesnt mean he didnt have two fairly routines plays to put the game away for us and failed does it? cuz he played decent earlier