Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Day After

Well it's the day after the big return of Kovalev to Montreal and it was a game I just had to be at. Sens and Habs in MTL on a Saturday night, broadcast on Hockey Night In Canada, coupled with Kovie's big return to the Bell Centre. These games don't come around very often, so we got in our car and we cruised on down to witness it in person. And it didn't disappoint. I predicted a 4-2 Sens win and it was 3-1, but at least I was close and the end result was the same. I also thought that Kovie would initially be cheered and then booed, which did happen, until something magical occurred. The Canadiens faithful, stood and applauded after he basically put the game away. I never thought I'd see that happen EVER in Montreal, but there it was. It was definitely something I won't soon forget. And then Kovie paid his respects back to the fans when he was named the games 3rd star. I managed to capture the 2 moments on tape for all of you to see. I hope it gives you the chills as well. Kovie reaction + Sens win in Mtl = The Perfect night.

Standing O After Kovalev Scores

Kovie Shows Some Love to the Bell Centre Apres Jeux

So Sens Town readers, what did you think about the reaction from the fans and Kovie?

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