Sunday, October 04, 2009

Game, What Game?

I don't know about you guys but I thought there was supposed to be a Sens game last night? Yet I didn't see one. Oh well, in case it happened to have taken place, let's just pretend it didn't and chalk any lackluster performance to opening jitters with a new cast, right?

Gotta love the enthusiasm and naivety of the biggest and most loyal of fans. We only try and see the good, no matter how poorly they played. Oh well, everybody gets one, just ask Spiderman. I give them a pass but I expect a better effort on Tuesday in the Tdot.

On the plus side, at least we saw what Pascal had to offer. He made numerous amazing stops and I feel a lot more confident with our goaltending at the moment. We all knew he COULD do it, now we know he will. Erik Karlsson didn't look out of place at all, regin scored the 2nd goal and Carkner played solid, knowing his role and even taking on the champ in Brashear. I don't have much negative to say about the 3 debuts. For their 1st game, they were stellar.

Some of the regulars on the other hand, couldn't have looked worse. Good to see Mike Fisher's newly awarded A didn't get in the way of him being invisible and unaffective, until the final whistle, when he decided to fight. Kovalev had a few flashes of brilliance but I hoped for more. I was hoping this offseason was going to really change Spezza's game. He seemed more mature and more suited to a monster season but he was back to his old blind back drop passing self, in midseason form even. Alfie was Alfie, scored a goal and played hard, is the heart of the team. Kelly still has hands of stone, Neil wasn't physical enough. Another bright spot was newcomer Milan Michalek, who was a threat all night and do I ever love his speed. Looks like he will be a real gamer for us. He's becoming a favorite of mine already.

We all know we have to be better and be more disciplined. I'm sure Coach Clouston was fuming after the game and will demand a much better effort in the Battle of Ontario. I see a big bounceback game. Let's hope for all of our health's sake, this was the exception and not the rule of how our season will play out. On to Tdot.


Trnks said...

biggest disappointment: failure to move the puck fluidly/effectively/efficiently/(insert synonym) from the defensive zone to the neutral zone.
i like our defensive zone coverage, and i like the pressure and organization of the offensive cast.
the set plays worked well for our forwards and they cycled the puck rather well.

foligno/cheechoo/shannon was terrible. shannon played well on the PP but was unable to organize any pressure at even strength

i'm not a coach, or a player, so who cares about my assessment of the game.
the only observation worth discussing is that again this year, the sens seem to have issues moving the puck through the neutral zone-despite our supposed 'abundance' of PMDs.
so we can't play tough, cant move the puck, what good are the guys we got on the blueline?

Sacul said...

They should have been playing in Newark instead of Manhattan. The game was one big "FUGGEDABOUTIT!"

WV: dupera - When you're tricked into going to the opera!

Anonymous said...

where to start - brutal effort by fisher (till the end), cheecho was terrible, kovalev was invisible at times, alfie is REALLY REALLY slow, and spezza...aside from that AMAZING sick pass, was a non-event all night.

biggest issue is coaching - the line of fisher, regin and foligno has been lethal all pre-season. why, oh why, did cluston not play them together until midway through the third? rookie coaching. when he did finally play them together, guess what? SUSTAINED pressure in nyc's end. hummm

leclaire is good, real good at times, but as he showed - no one could stand on his head for three periods. after bailing out his treammates the whole first period, unfortunately they didnt reciprocate during the 2nd and third periods.

BUT, afterall it was only one game. problem is, those 2 points are just as valuable in april.

I'm going out on a limb here and saying that this Sens team will not make the playoffs this year, but here is hoping I am wrong.