Thursday, October 29, 2009

GDP #11: Sens V Tampa

Fresh off the victory last night, the Sens are back at it in Florida tonight, as they take on the Tampa Bay Lightning. At first glance Tampa looks horrible, going 3-3-3 this year, but at a closer look, they are an impressive 3-0-2 at home this year.

The Sens are looking to sweep the Sunshine state games, which has been almost a sure thing in the past, going an insane 24-6-2 in their last 32 games in Florida and Tampa. Getting another 2 points tonight would be huge for their playoff chances. We have a pretty easy schedule to start the year and need to take full advantage of it.

The big news last night was the return of Filip Kuba, today it's news of Volchenkov's injury, which should keep him out at least 2 weeks. This is awful news for a team that has playoff aspirtaions. The A-Train is having a career year and is as Pascal Leclaire put it, " a goalies best friend". There is no way we won't miss a guy like that, with all his toughness, hard play and blocked shots. It's definitely a huge loss and I'm bummed about it.

In his place, the Sens have recalled Brian Lee, who in my opinion never shoul dhave been sent down in the first place. Well here is your chance Brian, show everyone you deserve to be here over Picard, so we can get rid of him already.

The other news from last night, aside from the win and Volchenkov, was that Pascal Leclaire left the game after the first period. Here is the explanation from Triple C, "Part way through the period during one of the TV timeouts (Leclaire) came over and said he was starting to feel dizzy," coach Cory Clouston said. "He felt he would be good until the end of the period. He's a gamer, he tried to stay in but by the end of the period it kept getting progressively worse."

So with that said, Brian Elliott came in and played um, well he got the win. To me he looked shaky and his rebound control was brutal. Not the the Elliott were used to, maybe it was just an off game. Let's hope so as he gets the start tonight.

On the forward front, we had 4 different guys score last night in Alfie, Foligno, Fisher and Ruutu, who don't look now but has 3 goals and 6 points this year on the 4th line. Milan Michalek should thrive tonight with Tampa's lack of speed, look for him to have a big game. Cheechoo continues to be invisible, except when taking bad penalties. He was benched for the 3rd period last night, which was the 2nd time in 3 games for him. It isn't looking pretty for Jonathan.

Game time is 7pm on TSN and the Team 1200.

The Lightning to play well at home, but we did recently beat them 7-1 and I see a smiliar outcome tonight. I see the Sens winning 6-2. What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

I've been watching the sens since game 1 and I can tell you they often have trouble on the second game in Florida - but usually when there is (1) a day off in between (ie they go out at night) & (2) they play in Miami second.

In this case the Sens have no night off available for drunken excursions AND play in Tampa - not Miami - for game 2.

Look for the Sens to win tonight, perhaps by as much as a 3 goal differential.

Sacul said...

Sens are really banged up and no Spezza tonight, in addition to Volchenkov. They're going to have to play a careful game to get 2 points in this one.
I'm not sure why all the hating for Picard. Like almost every other player, the only issues are between his ears. Right now he's playing well and the coach has confidence in him. The pairing with Carkner is ideal for him (they should play that "Opposites Attract" song for them.) I think Lee could get a freakin hat trick and throw a few Volchenkov hits and he's still not knocking out Picard at this point. Maybe Campoli, but Picard has earned himself a longer leash. Either way, they're all 5-6-7 guys and with the team missing a 3-4 guy and always having a top 3 D-Man hurt so far, it's tough on the blood pressure watching the team cope on the back end.
Cheechoo's done...let's just cut him some slack and let him settle in to a bottom 6 role and not hurt the team defensively. He'll see some press box time this season when there are a lot of healthy forwards playing well.

Anonymous said...

Picard is way to nonchalant in his own zone, i.e. not hustling to get to pucks first when he has a step or two on a forward. I guess Shannon will draw back into the lineup with Spezza out, I look for him to have a big game in a narrow victory by the Sens.

Anonymous said...

I guess our AHL defense is not going to cut it in the NHL. Even though the defense is supposedly loaded with puckmovers I still think they have trouble moving the puck efficiently out of our end. This leads to the forwards stopping skating because otherwise it is just line drills with the d turning it over.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we made a mistake signing Kovalev, trade him and the second round pick to the Kings for
Andrei Loktionov. Its not like the Sens are going anywhere in a hurry.

The Mayor said...

I dont think kovalev was a mistake still, he will benefit us later on.

Our problem was no Spezza, No A-Train and no heart

We definitely need another defenceman

Anonymous said...

Ya ok, there was no spezza but there were three other centres who played last night and none of them were any good. Kovalev was dog shit until the game was out of hand. Even Pierre McGuire said it "so and so beat Kovalev back to the zone yet again".

Brian Lee was absolutely terrible all night. Did you see where he was on the Malone goal? He was up by the top of the face off circle following his man!! Foligno had to try and cover - AND Elliot has no lateral movement. How can Elliot not get accross in time?? Malone should NOT be scoring on us - EVER!

Lets go CCC! Get this dick fraks moving.