Saturday, October 24, 2009

GDP #9: Sens V Boston

After a horrendous game on Thursday, where we somehow managed to salvage a point from, the Sens are back for a big Saturday night contest against the divisional rival, Boston Bruins.

When it comes to Boston, everything starts with former Sen Zdeno Chara, all 6'9 of him. Of course, many of us are still bitter about the way things went with him, especially considering the way he says he was forced out by only being offered 6.5 million dollars a year. So whenever there is so new ammo to make fun of him, well it's a gift. That's why this will be the gift that keeps on giving. I fully expect the crowd to boo him all night, as they usually do. It's music to my ears.

The Bruins also have the reigning Vezina trophy winner in Tim Thomas, who has owned the Sens in the past, winning his last 7 starts against us and posting an insane 1.27 GAA. On the plus side, the B's are missing tough power forward Milan Lucic and top scorer Marc Savard, which is good news for us.

Boston, who won the division by an amazing 23 points over 2nd place Montreal, has struggled this year so far, only going 4-4-1 in 9 games. That doesn't mean we should take them lightly at all. They still do have a very decent team and considering our performance on Thursday, we need a big bounce back game as is.

For the Sens, the lineup will remain the same from the game against Nashville, except that Brian Elliott will get the start, as Pascal Leclaire is suffering from the flu. That means Donovan will sit again, as a healthy scratch. Still no timetable for the returns of Kuba (we need him back desperately) and Winchester (Jesse who?). Michalek has some bumps and bruises and didn't practice yesterday, but is expected to suit up tonight.

It remains to be seen if Picard will play better tonight or if Karlsson will prove he deserves a roster spot. So far I'd say nay to both.

The Sens need a big game tonight, to show last game was a fluke. I'm sure Triple C will demand a much better effort. Hopefully Spezza and Cheechoo can finally get on the scoreboard for us, it would help a lot.

I predict a tough 3-1 win for the Sens.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea why anyone would Boo Z, he was great to us and Sens mangement screwed him over for a useless coke-head.

However, that is the gayest thing I've ever seen a hockey player do - big Z has gone WAY down in my books. What a homo.

The Mayor said...

No he wasnt, we offered him a bit less and he left for the money, which is fine but then dont say you were forced out

skaught said...

I don't get why CC is scratching Donovan again. I thought he was all about rewarding players for good responsible play.

The Mayor said...

Me either, i have been impressed the way Dono has played when given the chance.

Def would prefer shannon or someone else stting.

I dont get the fascination with Regin, he's ok but nothing special

Anonymous said...

I think Regin has been good. He has speed, works hard and creates a couple chances per game while being reliable defensively. Obviously he is not special yet but I think he could become a good player.